Achievement and School Learning Plan

Measures of Student Achievement and Success

Our school follows the guidelines set out in the OCDSB Policy and Procedures for Student Evaluation, available on the Board’s website.

Before preparing the School Learning Plan (SLP), staff analyze results from a variety of assessments and daily observations, and then develop long range goals. Sources of information include:

• PM Benchmarks (GB+) for students in grades one to three

• EQAO provincial testing for all students in grade 3 and grade 6

• The Early Literacy Numeracy Observation Instrument for Kindergarten students

• Analysis of student achievement on the provincial progress reports and provincial report cards with suggestions on how to help the student improve

• The ‘Learning Skills’ comments on the progress report and report cards are designed to provide encouragement to students and parents with suggestions for improving work habits

• Ongoing classroom assessment and evaluation (tests, observations, oral presentations, portfolios, anecdotal notes, running records, etc.), and demographic data.

In addition, success can be measured in other ways such as staff, student and parents’ participation in:

• Collaborating on the school learning plan and student wellness/bullying prevention plan

• Working together with the Special Education team to access resources required to benefit children academically, socially, and emotionally

• Students being publicly recognized for participation in school events and for special contributions to the school, and,

• Support from the parent community in coordinating events that enrich the school environment.

School Learning Plan

Stittsville Public School operates on the Balanced School Day where the instructional day is broken up into three significant parts. This enables teachers to provide uninterrupted programming for both the language arts and mathematics curriculum.

Collaboratively we identify ‘best practice’ strategies that will support our students.

We believe that by using data and data rich sources and by working collaboratively to identify effective strategies and practice (in the areas of instruction and assessment and evaluation), we can improve student learning. With progress assessed on a regular basis, the School Learning Plan will be most effective in supporting positive growth in student learning.


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